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Our (No-Uncertain) Terms of Use

This website was created by human beings, for the sole purpose of providing information to other human beings. We are fallible, and we may make some unintentional mistakes. We ask for your understanding.

The information offered here is our opinion, and only our opinion. We cannot and will not accept responsibility for what you do based on your interpretation of the opinions contained in this website's content. Therefore, we will not accept your blame if anything bad happens to your PC based on your reading of the contents contained on this website.

That said, we certainly hope that you find our site enjoyable. If you find something wrong, let us know and we'll do whatever is "humanly possible" to take care of it.

The opinions on this website are only opinions, and we will not be held responsible for anything that you might do in your interpretation of this website's content. And please don't blame us for anything that goes wrong with your PC from reading the content on this website (www.dll-fixes.com). Look just enjoy the site, if there's something wrong tell us and we'll do our best to fix it.

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