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Finding and Fixing Those DLL File Related Errors

Because your PC's DLL files are absolutely essential for it proper functioning, it's also absolutely essential that you repair any DLL files as soon as you start receiving DLL error messages.

The catch is that you should never attempt to repair a DLL file by yourself.  While you can sometimes use your PCs uninstall program to remove a corrupted DLL file, the uninstallation might not be effective if that DLL file is used by more than one program.  So what's the solution?

There is a very effective software program called PC Doc Pro which can quickly locate repair all the DLL file-related errors in your PC's Window registry.  In less than two minutes it can scan your computer and locate any corrupted DLL files.  PC Doc Pro not only analyzes the errors, but instantly repairs them.  It will have your PC performing like new in no time!

Imagine being able, in a simple two-minute scan, to find errors caused by missing, incorrectly downloaded, corrupted, or improperly located DLL files.  Even better, imagine being able to Perform This Scan for Free!  Here's what PC Doc Pro can do for you:

  • Locate Corrupt DLL Files
  • Repair Corrupt DLL Files
  • Locate Missing DLL Files
  • Repair Missing DLL Files
  • Remove DLL Download Errors
  • Fix Downloaded DLL Files
  • Fix Startup DLL File Errors
  • Fix Shutdown DLL File Errors
  • Remove DLL File Warning Messages

Sure, we were skeptical that there was any software which could do everything the makers of PC Doc Pro claim that it can do.  But we took advantage of the Free Scan,     
because we had nothing to lose.  It was quite a shock when PC Doc Pro found and repaired more than 250 DLL errors in our PCs registries. 

Once we finished running PC Doc Pro, we rebooted our computers and were blown away by the tremendous improvement in their operational response times.  Best of all, there were no more of those maddening DLL error messages!

PC Doc Pro, because it's absolutely free of any Malware or Adware, is 100% safe.  It comes with instructions on how to properly install or uninstall it from your PC.

If you'd like to see exactly how many DLL errors are hiding in your Windows registry, click here for your 100% Free Scan.  As soon as you hit the download button, you'll get a message telling you to save a file called setupxv.exe to your computer.  Once you save it, just run it to get the on-screen instructions which will start your Windows Registry scan.


What is Ntdll.dll, And Should You Be Worried about It?

If you spend much time visiting different Windows forms and chat rooms on the web, you've probably run across the question about whether or not the Ntdll.dll file is one you're supposed to have on your PC.

This file is a legitimate one created by Microsoft as part of the NT kernel.  You'll find it either in your C:\windows backward\system 32 or C.:\winnt\system 32 directory. 

Your PC's NT kernel has been designed in "layers," with each layer having a specific role in the proper operation of your computer.  The Ntdll.dll "layer" is a DLL file which supports File Input/Output functions in Windows applications.  It's involved in things like messages, timing, and synchronization.  This DLL file is absolutely necessary for your PC to operate properly.  Why, then, as the Ntdll.dll file developed a reputation as a possible threat to your PC?

The problem began in 2003, when Microsoft issued a warning which labeled this file with its maximum security rating of "critical,"   after learning that hackers had compromised it would infestations of viruses and Trojans.  Does that mean trouble for you?

It shouldn't, if you keep your version of Windows updated with all of Microsoft's latest security patches.  Under no circumstances should you delete the Ntdll.dll file, even if your computer is misbehaving.  Doing so would only make the situation worse.  Simply stay current with security updates, and this file will do exactly and only when it's supposed to do!

PC Doc Pro
PC Doc Pro
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