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Fixing User Login DLL Error Messages

I was called on last night to administer first aid to a friend’s laptop. He's running the Windows XP home version, and each time he tried to boot the laptop, he would get nothing except a continual display of wuauclt.exe error messages, saying the file had caused an access violation. The message would crop up about twice a minute.

We checked the Microsoft website, at the link we've included below, and found that they've provided a hotfix for just such an error. Installing the hotfix, however, proved unsuccessful, because his system would simply display a new error message saying it couldn't verify the system configuration necessary to install it!

When I ran a system event log, it became extremely obvious that the laptop and are ready suffered several hard disk failures, beginning nearly a month ago. Faced with that information, I can only assume that several critical hard disk files are completely corrupted. I suspect that one of them is the ESE (Extensible Storage Engine) database, although the damage may be to the files which the esent.dll uses.

I turn to the great hard disk scan and repair tool, GRC SpinRite, and located the bad hard drive sectors. While the tool could recover all the data, it managed to segregate them bad sectors so that Windows will no longer attempt to use them.

The problem of those repeating "access violation" messages on log in remained, however, so I had to go into the laptop's Service Manager and disable "Automatic Updates." The good news is that this immediately stopped those messages. The bad news is that the laptop has also stopped automatically checking for Microsoft updates, so my friend will have to set up a schedule and do it himself.

My final diagnosis is that we are soon going to have to run the Windows XP home repair facility on his boot disks if we want to fully repair the corrupted files. I couldn't do it last night simply because I didn't have the boot disks available.

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